MY FIRST EVER SPEEDPAINT! Trying to get back into drawing so that i can ponify this blog back up….so i did some sonic art. Logic.

Enjoy! This print is up for sale at my fb page ^~^

Gonna be drawing soon and finally im streaming again. Things are looking up!

Hey everyone! It’s finally up!

My commissions facebook page is up and running!

Please show your support!


Hey everyone! Lyric here!

I am going through a final change. You have all been with me through all of my phases.

But i am done with gimmicks!

I know who I am now. This void is fading and it is no longer my home..but the imaginational gap my creator had been feeling for so long.

I am leaving this void now.

I have my image, my identity. I am Lyric Glitchstep. And I hope you will all stick with me on my story.

Its been so long….Im sure many of you have left and given up on me. But  I wish you all well no matter what! I am excited to show you all who I am. Thank you!

I got job yay!

Hooooooray! I got job. Hopefully this helps. Commissions are still available, and now i can finally draw for this tumblr. THANK CELESTIA AND LUNA!

-hugs- How you doing?

Doing pretty ok thank you for asking ^^

The Rules Of Commissions By Yours Truly

Hey! Let’s talk about how you can recieve a commission from me. Please spread the word!

You can simply email me at:

Type out what you’d like and ill get back to you on whether i have recieved it. Once I have confirmed ur order we can decided a price together. Once that happens, I will give a time in which you will recieve your piece (Usually the very same day you order) and after you recieve confirmation that your piece is done, you can transfer payment via paypal by the same email. Then once it clears you will recieve your piece.

Here is some rules:

Payment must be via paypal.

I can only do orders that i recieve via email. Don’t Post Them HERE.

NO NSFW. Please. I appreciate the genre and its style, but I will not draw it for customers. I am sorry. I appreciate the cooperation.

Be as creative with your orders as you like but hey dont go too crazy I am only one kitten. <3


I do video editing commissions as well. If you need someone to create a video for you with content you created I can do that as well.

Same rules apply. But they take a bit longer.

Other than that yeah I look forward to recieving orders from you guys!


There will be times where i offer a stream bonus. In which if you request you may be present during the creation of your art. ( this is usually with small pieces)

Donations even if you do not want a commission are very much appreciated. This really helps me. Bills, school, helping my mom out, the works.

Well thats it! Go crazy guys! Love you all!

(also i do any type of art: video game characters, cartoon characters, music cover art, dark grim morbid, sketch, line art, original characters, ect. BUT NO NSFW)

Im back and so is Lyric

My commission shop is now open. I can now take commissions.

This tumblr will be scrapped and lyric will explain why trust me. But i feel this is a step in the right direction. Hopefully can get that out today. Dont worry shes not going away. I think u guys will like this.

If you’d like a commission all u have to do is message me and we can discuss a price u deem fair. i am affordable. I also offer services in video editing.

Please dont be shy. Message me to browse my wares. Hope to hear from you all soon. And yes I am back for good. Job searching just has me a bit preoccupied at the moment ^^

Hello there, lovely filly! How are you?

great! you?

Graduating College

Its finally happening. I have been on quite a hiatus but it was worth it. This Tuesday July 2nd at 6 pm, after 3 years of work, stress, nd fun, I am graduating college.

Just recently I was approved for the required portfolio show, participated, received my media dog tag necklace which is given to a student once they reach a certain rank before graduation, and to top it all off was surprised when I attended the awards ceremony after and actually received Best In Show for my class.

I am very sorry for not being around but I will be once i finally go home and set up shop there.

I have my own website which will receive my commissions and professional freelance work.

I want to thank you all who supported me this year and continued to enjoy the crazy art I do here.

With much love, here’s to moving forward. See you all soon!

And hey I am getting back to making let’s plays and have just recently reached 100 subs!

Check it out! :

Lost a follower

didn’t think my drawing was THAT bad lmao

"Spectrum Surfer- Phoenix"

Fedora Sempai has been such an inspiration to me. He helps me all the time, he’s there when I’m sad, and I couldnt have made it this far without his support.

Even if he isn’t running a popular tumblr blog anymore, he’s still the coolest guy I know and still that awesome snazzy hatted gentleman i fan girled over one upon a time.

Fedora, you are my best friend, and I enjoy being your Derpy Waifu. Thank you for being such an amazing person. You mean the world to me hun!!

So as a gift and token of my gratitude, I took an old drawing Fedora did when he was really into drawing, and very talented at it.

I then drew it from memory and a bit of peeking at it hehe, and redrew it.

Then I colored it while he watched and added cool stuff to it too!

Finally….we both signed it…cuz he’s just as much a part of this piece as I am.

I hope you all enjoy it, and please applaud Fedora, the artist behind this cute piece and inspiration for the piece you see here.

 Plus he makes crazy awesome backgrounds that the whole Brony fandom uses without knowing its him!

So give that a look too please. Thank you. ^^

Fedora’s DA

Horsian a mix of persian and horsea.

Top is collab with PinkiePieStyle.

I drew, she colored.”

Bottom one is drawn and colored by me.


A simple yet fun as hell collab with the one and only PinkiePieStyle.

The above image is the collab picture of a Pokemon fusion of charmander and nidoran (male) called : Charan.

Drawing: me
Coloring : PinkiePieStyle

Bottom image is me coloring the image on my own in commemoration of the collab ^^.

*NOTE: the circle in PinkiePieStyle’s signature literally took me 20 mins to get right….we could not stop laughing at my failure lol.